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I'm moving.....woooo
By at least the end of november i will have completely moved to www.outofboundsbritney.ning.com and i'm excited.

Please feel free to go and check it out, at the moment isn't anything special, and if you want to join then go ahead. :)

Youtube & Blog UPDATE chat

Again, probably talking to thin air with the exception of Greg, but even though i have said this a million times before,i will be updating regularly but since my chazzam88 account got suspended and i had to start my OutOfBoundsBritney one my chazzam88 account is still linked to this blogs email account so i am going to try and unlink it so i can be on youtube and blogger at the same time.



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Woah, i haven't posted for a long time. Hmmmm, well i will from now on probably about once a week maybe.

- Rumoured Date for '3' Music Video Release Tuesday 19th October 2009
- Australian Leg of Circus Tour Kicks Off in November
- Singles Collection Available at the end of November

can't think of any more, and please feel free to comment in the box at the side >>>>
to tell me what you want to see on this site and i will see if i can get it.

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New Posts coming soon, this blog is one of my priorities just not my main one. Again i'm probably talking to thin air but oh well.



I know, i haven't posted for a long time, but i don't care because i'm basically talking to thin air. No interesting news to report on Britney. But have to say that Madonna's version of Revolver is crap in my opinion. The demo singer was alot better than Madonna. I don't think the song fits her style of singing.

Anyway ergh dullness.

The Final Act Of The Circus Starring:Britney Spears Post

With only about two more months until the end of the Circus tour will it be carried on until next year?

Madonna is very well known for her tours to carry on for over a year, recently her Sticky & Sweet tour ended in Israel which begain over a year ago in Wales.

Personally i don't think it will carry on after the Australian leg as i'm sure she will be worn out by then. But if you think about it, North America got another chance so why shouldn't the UK. But it wouldn't be called The Final Act for nothing.

Let's just hope that after The Singles Collection maybe late 2010, early 2011 she goes back on tour.

That's all from me, got school tomorrow so need to go to sleep. It's 11:17PM UK Time.